The importance of having an Iranian psychologist in San Jose, USA

According to valid global statistics, about one million immigrants enter the United States each year since 1990. according to the report, about 40 million current residents of the Americas are born abroad. Due to the increasing immigration to America, new immigrants undoubtedly will face difficult situations in the United States.

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Separation from home and away from home and family, enter into a new country with a new culture, change of language, change of work environment, getting used to new habits and customs and forgetting the habits that have been accustom for years, fear of the future and How will their fate be in this new country, and …, all of them are the cause of many mental disorders that put these people in serious health risk.

Psychological difficulties of immigration

Most people who have immigrated indicate that the first year of their immigration passes very hard. Conflict with a new language and being in an unfamiliar environment that is always trying to turn you away is difficult, especially for those who have no friends and have migrated alone.

Anxiety and depression, isolationism, alcohol and drug abuse, and suicidal ideation are just some of the problems that psychological centers in San Jose are struggling with.


Such people need psychologists who, regardless of religious or nationalist prejudices, give them a sense of security as well as a sense of worth. In this area, these people can easily talk about their problems.

In his conversation, the psychologist should pay attention to all the cultural and family values ​​of such people,By understanding the differences, he should be able to improve one’s life. The psychologist will also help create a Common identity with those born in the country while preserving one’s culture.

Counselors in San Jose can provide detailed and complete information about the immigrant by collecting data on historical, family, economic, and social issues. This information is essential in choosing the right tests and evaluating the results. Psychologists and counselors who are fluent in their clients’ language have a higher level of success in gaining trust and proper communication with the person.


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