Maryam Taghdimi in San Francisco


Maryam Taghdimi | مریم تقدیمی

I am a licensed clinical psychologist at Kaiser Permanente and in private practice in San Francisco, California. My clinical areas of interest and areas of expertise include trauma and complex trauma, substance use, codependency, narcissistic abuse, mood & anxiety disorders and bereavement.

Sometimes painful experiences of our lives, traumas or losses can make a shift in our sense of identity or it can make it difficult to trust our feelings, judgements and our bodies. Our work together will help you heal from your pain, restore your trust in yourself and universe, improve your relationship with yourself and empower your emotional, mental & physical wellness. Feelings like anger, anxiety, depression, numbness, shame and guilt are common responses to painful or traumatic experiences. We often judge ourselves for these feelings, suppress or deny them which usually add another layer of suffering. And, these unhealthy responses in turn affect our daily functioning, social and romantic relationships, sleep quality and self-esteem. Together we will explore the challenges you are experiencing, the origins of your suffering, how to empower healing from within and develop skills to live a fulfilling life.

In terms of theoretical orientation, I am very influenced by Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Attachment Theory, Mindfulness, humanistic approach, Integrative Body Psychotherapy, and Motivational Interviewing.

I care deeply about the relationship I establish with the people who come to see me in therapy and I strive to provide quality treatment in a warm, compassionate and collaborative setting. Helping people to find their path, break free from some of the limitations imposed on them by their own past or the pain of their early relationships and experiences, it is genuinely the most rewarding part of therapy. I am deeply grateful to play any role in their journey moving toward a more meaningful life.