Immigration Psychology; The main problems of immigrant mental health

Hearing the word “immigration” may put a smile on the face of some, and some may feel scared when they hear this word. What category of people are you? Are you interested in or afraid of immigration?

Experiencing grief, anxiety, loneliness, and stress is typical for almost all immigrants. Immigration is not an easy task, and those who take this path are classified as brave and courageous. The pressures an immigrant experiences before and after migration increase the risk of mental illness such as depression.

In such situations, the immigrant usually reaches emotional and behavioral instability and sometimes makes wrong decisions. Immigrants’ adaptation to the new conditions may even be minimized. People become desperate and helpless, and ultimately the solution they take to these problems is to withdraw from the new society and return to their country.

Psychological problems are not a new phenomenon for immigrants. However, due to the increasing number of immigrants in recent years, the psychological problem – has become an important issue. Post-accident or post-traumatic stress disorder is one of the problems that immigrants struggle with.

Causes of Post-Migration Depression

Immigration and its accompanying processes such as relocation, job change, distance from friends and acquaintances, financial insecurity, etc. are the leading causes of stress. Therefore, migration is a set of stressful thoughts, feelings, and actions, each of which alone can cause some mental disorders.

In most cases, immigrants do not consider their social, occupational, and economic status to be commensurate with their expectations and are concerned about changing the existing environment and conditions. This mismatch between what we “are” and what we expect to “be” is stressful. Therefore, it can be said that the stress of these immigrants starts even before thinking about immigration.

Migration Psychology and Its Importance

You may not have looked at migration from a psychological view, but in fact, the spiritual dimension of migration is critical. There may have been people who left the country without realizing it and suffered considerable psychological damage.

It can be said that immigration is a challenging and exhausting job that you must talk to an excellent Iranian psychologist before leaving the country to avoid possible problems in the future. Did you know that immigration will put a lot of stress on a person?

Undoubtedly, being away from family, friends, enduring homelessness, adapting to new conditions, and other problems will be very stressful.

In some cases, if these pressures are high, the person will be so frustrated with their decision that he may even make other wrong decisions. Our recommendation is to consult good Iranian psychologists before migrating to learn more about their challenges and solutions.

Mental health care during migration

Experiences of discrimination and racism affect immigrants’ mental health and what organizations and individuals they seek support from.

Many young immigrants cannot express their grief and sorrow because they feel they are second-class citizens.

Numerous studies have proven the harmful effects of discrimination on mental health. Discrimination can also negatively affect people’s access to health care assistance.

Findings suggest that social perspectives can make it difficult for immigrant youth to seek help to improve mental health.

But some immigrants seek psychological support and receive support through counselors.

Research shows that immigrants and refugees who have access to counseling and psychological services and can talk about their problems have good mental health.

Can immigrants cope with their mental health problems without the help of others?

Psychological counseling and medication are two ways to deal with mental health problems. Some immigrants try other ways to solve their problems. For example, socializing with people with similar experiences can be a solution. Not being alone and talking to friends can be another solution. Finally, good Iranian psychologists can help because of their communication with Iranians and their high experience.

Stress, constant anxiety, lack of concentration, impatience, sleep disturbance, withdrawal, nightmares, and sweating are symptoms that should be discussed with an Iranian psychologist or counselor as soon as they are observed. Immigration psychology counseling can help improve client conditions.

Best Psychologist Principles for Immigration Psychology Counseling

Many factors must be considered when providing immigration psychological counseling to immigrants.

Family structure, prejudice, legal status, and reasons for migrating are just some of the things that a good psychologist should be aware of.

The psychologist needs to be aware of all these factors to help the immigrant to better adapt to the situation.

A good Psychologist should also be aware of immigration problems, the destination country’s cultural situation, work, education, and employment in this country. These issues have a significant impact on the body and mind of the immigrant.

Different types of psychology in migration

It is essential to know that leaving the country is personal. Still, the person may also face other destination country problems, such as family problems, parenting, marriage, etc. In the following, we will tell you more about the types of problems in immigration.

Premarital problems in the destination country

A person who decides to get married in his country will face many problems and will endure a lot of stress for his happiness. Now suppose he decides to marry in another country and with another person who does not speak with his language.

Family problems in the destination country

When people migrate, they focus only on social status, adaptation to the new environment, job, and income. In the meantime, they may neglect their marital life and even their spouse and get into trouble.

Parenting problems in the destination country

Children are more able than parents to adapt to the destination country’s new circumstances and are more influential. They may become accustomed to the new country’s culture and customs and behave like other people in society.


The applications of immigration psychology are not limited to the above. You can talk to an informed Iranian psychologist whenever you need to talk.

Your soul needs more care after migrating. Do not let the hustle and bustle of your life distract you from taking care of your physical and mental health.

Immigrants’ lives are associated with many ups and downs, each of which can be reassured by the help and advice.

A good psychologist will help you find problem-solving solutions and teach you the skills to better adapt and integrate into the new society.

For example, if you immigrate to the United States and Canada, you will find that living in these two great countries, in addition to the well-being it has, can be difficult and complicated. Seeing the best Iranian psychologists in the United States can help you cope with these problems and solve them. Good Iranian psychologists in Canada can also help you along the way to immigration.

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