Immigration Psychology; The main problems of immigrant mental health

Hearing the word “immigration” may put a smile on the face of some, and some may feel scared when they hear this word. What category of people are you? Are you interested in or afraid of immigration? Experiencing grief, anxiety, loneliness, and stress is typical for almost all immigrants. Immigration… Read more »

What does an Iranian psychiatrist do in Toronto?

With about 2,800,000, Toronto is the most populous city and the largest city in Canada. Toronto is Canada’s economic capital. Many of Toronto’s residents in Ontario are Canadian-Iranians living mainly in Willowdale and Richmond Hill. The diversity of race and nationality in Toronto, Canada, is so great that Toronto can… Read more »

How to access an Iranian psychologist in Los Angeles, USA?

You have to find a good counselor and psychologist after immigration. Some people may want to talk to an Iranian about their problems. Some people need to speak in their mother tongue about their inner feelings because people in psychological therapies talk about the unconscious, the emotions, and what happened… Read more »

How do Iranian psychologists work in Vancouver?

Today, psychology has become one of the most fundamental and widely used sciences in the world. The interest in this field increases so much in Canada, and for this reason, it teaches in all universities of this country. After completing your high school education and taking the required courses, you… Read more »

What are the conditions for counseling and psychology in Toronto, Canada?

An expert psychologist has a high level of communication skills and makes the client feel safe quickly. After creating a sense of security, psychotherapy and counseling will do the right way in a peaceful and friendly atmosphere. Like most humanities, in today’s world, one can be progenitor and creative in psychology… Read more »