• What?
    IranianPsychologist.org is an online platform where Farsi Speaking Psychologists (with or without a website) can create a profile & advertise their business to generate more leads.
  • Why?
    We created the largest Farsi Speaking Psychologist directory in order to help the Iranian community flourish in North America by providing a platform where patients can connect to Psychologists who speak their language, know their culture, better understand their needs, in order to help them heal and make better decisions.
  • How?
    We Rank #1 on Google for premium keywords such as: “Iranian Psychologist”, “Iranian/Persian/Farsi Speaking Psychologist” & much more… bringing in targeted traffic to your business listing.

  • To put customers first & create a white-glove experience to our clients.

  • To elevate trust, respect & professionalism.
  • To help support and bring more business to our community.